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Our website serves as an informative resource for owners and residents of Strathmore Townhomes Homeowners Association (HOA), Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Last site update: March 4, 2020.
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Questions and Concerns
If you have any maintenance concerns or questions regarding your community, please contact Emmy Carrio at Cammarata Management, Inc. (CMI).  Emmy can be reached at 310 325-1110.  You can also enter a work order on the CMI website at www.camm-inc.com.
Non-emergency calls are returned within 24 hours or next business day.  Issues that need to be brought before the Board of Directors will be addressed at the next scheduled meeting of the Board (unless it is an safety/property damaging emergency).
Life threatening emergencies should be handled by calling 9-1-1 immediately and first. When the office is closed, for After Hours Maintenance Emergency, please call 310 325-1110 and the answering service will contact CMI.  There is no fee for after hours calls. 
Our management company contact information is:
Cammarata Management, Inc. (CMI)
25039 Narbonne Ave.
Lomita, CA 90717
310 325-1110

Monthly Board Meetings
SECOND Wednesday of the month, at 6:30 pm NEW TIME at the pool. Homeowners may address the Board at the homeowner forum during the meeting with a two-minute time limit to present issues (motion can be made to extend). Concerns can also be addressed in writing with a letter to the management company.

Pool / Spa
The pool heater is off as of November 15, to be turned on again in the spring with warming weather.  Even though, we may have some warm weather continue, the budget requires turning off the heater for several months when pool usage is lower and there are fewer hours of sun on the pool to aid heating 
The spa remains heated year round.
Click this link to view the pool rules.  Absentee owners, please be sure your tenants are provided these rules. Pool hours are strictly 7 am to 10 pm.  The spa jets and heater cycle off at 10 pm.  If you need a pool key, please contact Chuck Arick at chuckhandyman@aol.com. Each unit may only have one pool keycard.
Guest policy is the most violated and cited issue. Pool guests and anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an ADULT resident AT ALL TIMES.  Residents may not grant pool access to guests or anyone under 14 (even a resident child) without an adult resident present during the duration of their pool use. More than six guests is deemed a pool party requiring advance Board approval.
If you wish to have a pool party (a party is a resident with more than 6 guests at the pool), you must obtain prior approval via this Pool Party Request Form  (which includes the policies and restrictions).  Please submit this request form to Lena Bethel, our Board Vice-President, for approval, at least two weeks before your proposed party date.  We limit the number of parties to one at a time and have specific hours for pool parties, in consideration of all residents. 

Garage Sale Policy / Request
Click this link to view Garage Sale Policy and for information on requesting approval.  All such requests should be directed to Lena Bethel, Board Vice-President (see Board listing).

New Vinyl Fences
See this notice regarding, care and use of the new vinyl fences. Please note the dos and dont's and homeowner liability sections regarding these fences.
If you have any questions, please contact Emmy at Cammarata Mgt. 

Complex Projects
Complex Projects
Several capital improvement projects are underway to be completed over this year and next for budget reasons.
  • All the vinyl fencing is complete.
  • Painting and wood/stucco repair has been completed on Bearhaven and Radbrook.  Units on the north side of Oldstone are next in the rotation.
  • One building of new garage roofs on Friarstone as been completed. Units on Radbrook and Kingsdown are next in the rotation.  The priority is based on buildings with leak issues.
  • Termite tenting is in the bidding process. Priority for tenting is based on greatest need. 

Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.

Parking Violations
Many cars are parked in the red on corners overnight, in front of no parking signs, and in front of garages.  Some cars parked on corners are in the traffic path.  Cars in front of garages impede others from entering and exiting their garage.
Please be warned that these are all violations and we can and will tow your vehicle and/or impose fines preceded by a warning sticker on your car.  A red curb is a red curb same as on a city street -- NO PARKING.  If your car has been towed, call the phone number on the no parking signs posted in the complex for retrieval.  Parking is in designated spaces ONLY. 
Parking in front of your garage when you are not present attending the car is not allowed because this is a fire lane. Maximum of 10 minutes unattended.
Note that per Civil Code, once you receive an HOA citation, you are requested to appear at the next Board meeting to discuss the matter.  If you do not appear, the fine may be levied without any discussion. 
We know parking is at a premium.  Per HOA rules, your garage must be able to house at least one vehicle -- i.e., not used primarily for storage or as a living space.  As an alternative when there is no parking available, please park on Toscanini and you can park on Caddington and enter the complex through the pedestrian gate near Tollhouse -- the old pool key works on this gate -- contact Emmy at CMI if you need a key to this gate. 

2019-2020 Board of Directors
As of Nov 14, the Board positions are as follows:
  • President: Austin Burge
  • Vice-President:  Lena Bethel
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Luci Ursich
  • Member at Large: Chuck Arick
  • Member at Large: David Knoedler
A big thank you to David for volunteering and being appointed to the Board last night.  Glad to have you aboard.